Strata-X PRO Innovative Polymeric Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Products: Phenomenex
Strata-X PRO SE tubes and 96-well plates allow for streamlined cleanup and efficient recoveries of target analytes from biological, environmental, and food matrices
Strata-X PRO SPE Products
A Rapid Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Solution

Strata-X PRO is a new innovative solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbent that offers a faster, cleaner way to extract your samples, completely revolutionizing traditional SPE methods. Strata-X PRO offers improved and rugged polymeric sorbent performance combined with matrix removal technology for a revolutionary solution. With a faster SPE method, it results in at least 40% reduction in time on your SPE protocol. Less steps with no conditioning or equilibration creates a fast SPE method without losing out on the importance of SPE cleaning up your samples.

  • New Polymeric Sorbent with Matrix Removal Technology
  • Provides Unparalleled Reproducibility
  • Easily Process More Samples in Half the Time
  • Reduce Protocol Time by at Least 40% with 3 Step and 2 Step SPE
  • Experience Cutting Edge Performance First Hand
  • High Recoveries without Conditioning or Equilibration

Strata-X PRO Solid Phase Extraction A Rapid Solid Phase Extraction Solution
Available Formats
96-Well Plates
Microelution 96-Well Plates
1, 3, and 6 mL Tubes

Strata-X PRO Method Compared to Traditional SPE

Identify the SPE Retention Mechanism

SPE Mechanism Analyte Functional Group Sorbent Functional Group  
Reversed Phase


Strata-X PRO Easy Recommended Starting Protocol

500 µL Pre-treated sample/buffer* (1:1)
Apply 2-5” Hg vacuum until liquid is no longer visible above top frit
600 µL 5  % Methanol in Water
600 μL 0.1 % Formic acid in Acetonitrile/Methanol (90:10)
Apply 2-5” Hg vacuum for 1 minute
*Select a buffer that maximizes the hydrophobicity of the analytes. For example, if an analyte is basic, dilute with a base.

1 mL Pre-treated sample/0.1 % Formic acid in Acetonitrile (1:4)
Apply 5” Hg vacuum until all tubes or wells have cleared
75 μL Water/0.1 % Formic acid in Acetonitrile (1:4)
Apply 5” Hg vacuum until all tubes or wells have cleared