UHPLC Columns

Dramatically improve your efficiencies with the ultra-high performing Phenomenex UHPLC columns! As a leader in UHPLC, Phenomenex offers exceptionally high quality and unique fully porous and core-shell particle type UHPLC columns that achieve extraordinary resolution results for your separations on any system.

Biozen UHPLC Columns

bioZen biocompatible UHPLC columns offer excellent inertness and high efficiency for biologic applications such as peptide mapping, aggregrate analysis, and glycan analysis, and peptide quanitification.


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bioZen LC Columns

Luna Omega UHPLC Colunns

Luna Omega fully porous UHPLC columns are packed with 1.6 µm and 3 µm silica particles provide exceptional efficiency, inertness, and reproducibility.

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Kinetex Core-Shell UHPLC Columns

Kinetex 1.3 and 1.7 µm core-shell UHPLC columns provide remarkably high efficiencies, fast separations, and are the industry Gold Standard for UHPLC separations.

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Installation of a Phenomenex Column onto a Waters® ACQUITY® UPLC® System