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Separation ModeTitleColumn
Reversed Phase ChromatographyPeptide AGLIVAEGVTK and YIELAPGVDNSK on Micro-LC using a Kinetex Biphenyl Column
Reversed Phase ChromatographyFluconazole Standard solution (mix of 4) USP on Inertsil 3 µm ODS-3 150x4.6mm
Gas ChromatographyTCDD Separation using 225 phase GC Column by GC HRMS
Gas ChromatographyTCDF Separation using Brand A Premium 5MS GC Column
Reversed Phase ChromatographyBerberine from Goldenseal on Kinetex PS-C18
Reversed Phase ChromatographyIntact Mass- NIST mAb C4
Reversed Phase ChromatographyBatch To Batch Reproducibility on bioZen Intact C4
Gas ChromatographyGC/MS analysis of 15+1 EU of PAH in ENV using ZB-PAH
Gas ChromatographyGC/MS analysis of PAH in rubber and plastic on ZB-PAH
Gas ChromatographyFAMEs In Rapeseed Oil by GC/FID on Zebron ZB-88