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GC Columns for High Temperature Applications
GC Columns that can handle temperatures above 360 °C

GC Columns for High Temperature Applications

Traditional fused silica columns are not equipped to handle prolonged exposure to temperatures above 360 °C. At high temperatures, fused silica GC columns may become:

  • Become inflexible and brittle
  • Require more system downtime for maintenance
  • Can’t separate high molecular weight compounds

For applications that contain high molecular weight compounds, which require temperatures above  360 °C, a high temperature GC column such as a metal column or specialty treated capillary column is used since they are best suited to resolve these compounds with minimal bleed to provide rugged performance up to 430  °C.

Zebron Front Facing GC Column

Brand Description:
Zebron ZB-1HT Inferno Recommended for high boiling petroleum products and petroleum products
Zebron ZB-5HT Inferno Recommended for high molecular weight waxes, surfactants, and triglycerides
Zebron ZB-35HT Inferno Recommended for EPA Methods (508, 608, 8081, 8141, 8151), pesticides, and semi-volatiles
Zebron ZB-XLB-HT Inferno Recommended for PCBs and Pesticides/Herbicides