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Product Information
Phase Detail
Zebron ZB-1 GC Columns
Zebron ZB-1 Gas Chromatography (GC) column offers low bleed (MS Certified), low activity, and high efficiency and is an excellent USP G42 phase

Zebron ZB-1 GC Columns

Low Polarity For a Wide Range of Applications

  • Low polarity phase suited for true boiling point compounds
  • Low bleed (MS Certified), low activity, and high efficiency
  • Excellent resolving power of critical pairs in complex petrochemical samples
  • Used for “fingerprinting” and routine quality control analyses (e.g., citrus oils)
  • Equivalent to USP Phase G2
  • Temperature Limits: 60 to 360/370 ˚C (Isothermal/TPGC)*

Simulated Distillation Markers: ASTM Method D 2887

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Zebron ZB-1
10 meter x 0.53 mm x 2.65 µm
Part No.:
Injection Volume:
Split 10:1 @ 360 °C, 1 µL*
Carrier Gas:
Helium @ 8.1 mL/min (constant flow)
Oven Program:
35 °C to 360 °C @ 15 °C/min for 5 min
FID @ 360 °C
1. Pentane (C5)
2. Hexane (C6)
3. Heptane (C7)
4. Octane (C8)
5. Nonane (C9)
6. Decane (C10)
7. Undecane (C11)
8. Dodecane (C12)
9. Tetradecane (C14)
10. Pentadecane (C15)
11. Hexadecane (C16)
12. Heptadecane (C17)
13. Octadecane (C18)
14. Eicosane (C20)
15. Tetracosane (C24)
16. Octacosane (C28)
17. Dotriacontane (C32)
18. Hexatriacontane (C36)
19. Tetracontane (C40)
20. Tetratetracontane (C44)

An Analytical Method Using the Zebron ZB-1 GC Column to Highlight the Opportunity to Resolve the Volatile Polar Sulfur Compounds in Petroleum Fuel

App ID 16502


The Zebron ZB-1 GC column provides
  • A short run time of less than 20 minutes
  • Good retention of low boiling sulfur compounds
  • Elution of the higher molecular weight C1-Benzothiophenes
  • Optimal separation of critical pairs
  • Symmetric peaks for challenging sulfur compounds
Zebron ZB-1
100% Dimethylpolysiloxane
30 meter x 0.32 mm x 3.00 µm
Part No.:
Injection Volume:
Split 10:1 @ 270 °C, 1 μL
Carrier Gas:
Helium @ 2 mL/min (constant flow)
Oven Program:
50 °C for 1 min to 300 °C @ 10 °C/min for 3 min
Sulfur (SCD) @ 320 °C
1. Thiophene
2. Dimethyldisulfide
3. 2-Methyl-thiophene
4. 3-Methyl-thiophene
5. C2-Thiophenes
6. Diethylsulfide
7. Dibutylsulfide
8. Benzothiophene
9. C1-Benzothiophenes