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Yarra SEC-X300 Phase
Yarra SEC-X300 GFC columns can be used for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), antibody aggregation, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), and biosimilars

Yarra SEC-X300 Phase

With a wide molecular weight range (10K – 700KDa) and high efficiency, Yarra SEC-X300 columns are well suited for the ultra-high-resolution separation and characterization of HMW biomolecules and aggregation studies including the following on UHPLC and HPLC systems:

  • monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)
  • antibody aggregation
  • antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)
  • biosimilars

Because Yarra SEC-X300 columns typically operate at backpressures below 3,500 psi, they can deliver improved performance (greater resolution, better peak shape and faster analysis time) for existing 3µm and 5µm GFC/SEC column methods on HPLC systems.

Particle Size
Recommended Use
Molecular weight separation range of 10-700 KDa