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Ultremex HPLC Columns
Ultramex HPLC columns can be used for older traditional methods and are a guaranteed alternative to Ultrasphere
Ultremex HPLC Columns
Ultremex is a GUARANTEED alternative to Ultrasphere at a significant cost savings

HPLC material designed for older less challenging methods.

We recommend Luna Omega, Luna and Synergi columns for all new method development.

Ultramex LC Columns

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donehighlight_off 80

Length (mm) (mm)

donehighlight_off 150

donehighlight_off 250

Particle Size (µm)

donehighlight_off 5

Internal Diameter (mm)

donehighlight_off 4.6


Particle Size
Recommended Use

Part No.: 00F-0048-E0
Ultremex 5 µm C18 80 Å, LC Column 150 x 4.6 mm, Ea
Price: $917.00 (Ea)

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00F-0048-E0C18 80 150 5 4.6 $917.00 (Ea)
00G-0048-E0C18 80 250 5 4.6 $948.00 (Ea)