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Strata Basic Screen SPE Products
Strata Basic Screen Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) sorbent is a mixed-mode sorbent that can be used to clean up basic drugs from biological samples
Strata Basic Screen SPE Products
Mixed-Mode Sorbent Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Improved recovery of basic drugs from biologic samples in a funnel shaped tube ideal for large sample volumes with minimal extraction solvent. Small bed mass requires only minimal extraction solvents for more concentrated extracts by incorporating the hydrophobic selectivity of a C8 phase and strong cation-exchange.

Available Formats
Large Reservoir Cartridges (LRC)
General Starting Method

Strata Screen-C Strong Cation-Exchange

1 mL Methanol
1 mL Water
Pretreated sample
1 mL 25 mM Ammonium Acetate Buffer, pH 6-7
Wash 2
1 mL Methanol, dry under vacuum for 2-5 min
1 mL 5 % Formic Acid in Methanol
Based on 100 mg/1 mL sorbent mass. The above is a convenient starting point for SPE method development, further optimization may be required to tailor the method for your specific extraction needs.