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Strata-X-CW SPE Products
Strata-X-CW solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbent is a polymeric strong cation exchange sorbent that can be used to cleanup weak bases

Strata-X-CW SPE Products

Weak Cation Mixed-Mode Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

A weak cation-exchange functionalized polymeric sorbent that allows for complete retention of basic compounds with a pKa greater than 8, making 100% organic wash conditions possible. A 100% organic wash ensures that the maximum amount of interferences are removed from the target compound.

Recommended Use
Extraction of basic compounds, particularly strong bases


Weak Cation-Exchange

π-π Bonding

Hydrophobic Interaction

Available Formats

Strata 96 Well Plate
96-Well Plates
Microelution 96-Well Plates
1, 3, and 6 mL Tubes
Giga™ Tubes (12-150 mL Tubes)
On-line Cartridges

Starting Method

For Bases with pKa > 8

1 mL Methanol
1 mL Water, pH 6-7
Diluted Sample, pH 6-7
Wash 1:
1 mL Water, pH 6-7
Wash 2:
1 mL Methanol (collect this fraction to analyze Neutrals/Acids)
Elute Any Bases:
2x 500 µL 5 % Formic Acid in Methanol
Elute Weak Bases:
2x 500 µL 5 % NH4OH in Methanol

Based on 30 mg/1 mL sorbent mass. The above is a convenient starting point for SPE method development, further optimization may be required to tailor the method for your specific extraction needs.