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Spherisorb HPLC Columns
Spherisorb HPLC columns for traditional methods
Spherisorb HPLC Columns
Expertly packed by Phenomenex

Phenomenex packs Spherisorb material to high standards of quality. We have been packing Spherisorb columns for over 30 years and frequently get requests from customers who have to use Spherisorb and want Phenomenex-packed Spherisorb instead.

Spherisorb LC Columns

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donehighlight_off 80

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donehighlight_off 150

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Particle Size (µm)

donehighlight_off 5

Internal Diameter (mm)

donehighlight_off 4.6


Particle Size
Recommended Use

Part No.: 00F-0104-E0
Spherisorb 5 µm C8 80 Å, LC Column 150 x 4.6 mm, Ea
Price: $1,052.00 (Ea)

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00F-0104-E0C8 80 150 5 4.6 $1,052.00 (Ea)
00G-0104-E0C8 80 250 5 4.6 $1,062.00 (Ea)