Product Information
Phase Detail
Rezex RNO-Oligosaccharide Na<sup>+</sup> (4%) Ion Exclusion HPLC Columns<br class="t-last-br" />
Rezex RNO-Oligosaccharide Na+ (4%) Ion Exclusion HPLC Columns is packed with 4% cross-linked sodium ion exclusion media

Rezex RNO-Oligosaccharide Na+ (4%) Ion Exclusion HPLC Columns

  • 4% cross-linked sodium
  • High resolution of oligosaccharides

Particle Size
Recommended Use
High resolution of oligosaccharides

Cross Reference Guide

Phase Description Applications Bio-Rad® Aminex® Supelco® Supelcogel™ Waters® Sugar-Pak™ Transgenomic® CARBOSep™ Sepax® Carbomi®
RNO-Oligosaccharide 4 % cross-linked SODIUM – High resolution of oligosaccharides N/A N/A N/A CARBOSep

Specifications and Operating Recommendations

Rezex RNO-Oligosaccharide
Part No. 00P-0137-N0
Ionic Form Sodium
Standard Dimensions 200 x 10 mm
Matrix Sulfonated Styrene Divinyl Benzene
Cross Linking 4 %
Particle Size (μm) 12
Min. Efficiency (p/m) based on last peak N/A
Typical Pressure (psi @ Testing Flow Rate) 130
Max. Pressure (psi @ Max Flow Rate) 300
Max. Flow Rate (mL/min) 0.3
Max. Temperature (°C) 85
Typical Mobile Phase Water
pH Range Neutral
Guard Column Part 03R-0137-N0
Cleaning, Regeneration and Storage
Organic Modifiers (Max) 5 % Methanol, IPA, EtOH
Inorganic Modifiers 5 % Sodium Salts
Avoid Acids, Bases, Non-Sodium Salts or Metal Ions, > 30 % Acetonitrile
Cleaning Solvent 100 % Water
Flow Rate(mL/min) 0.1
Temperature (°C) 85
Duration (hrs) 12
Regeneration Solvent 0.1 M NaNO3
Flow Rate (mL/min) 0.2
Duration (hrs) 4-16
Ship/Storage Solvent Water