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Prodigy HPLC Columns
Prodigy HPLC columns are a guaranteed replacement to Inertsil HPLC columns

Prodigy HPLC Columns

A Polar Phenyl-Ethyl Column

Highly reproducible reveresed phase columns for the analysis of basic, acidic and amphoteric compounds.

  • PH-3: phenyl column with excellent aromatic and polar compound selectivity
  • 3 μm ODS-3: high efficiency alternative to the 5 μm ODS-3 columns
  • Columns stable from pH 2 to 9



Guaranteed Replacement to Inertsil HPLC Columns

Prodigy Polar Phenyl-Ethyl  LC Columns
Prodigy LC Columns

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Reversed Phase

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Pore Size (Å)

donehighlight_off 100

Length (mm)

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Particle Size (µm)

donehighlight_off 5

Internal Diameter (mm)

donehighlight_off 4.6


Particle Size
Recommended Use

Part No.: 00G-4098-E0
Prodigy 5 µm Silica 100 Å, LC Column 250 x 4.6 mm, Ea
Price:   $945.00 (Ea)
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00G-4098-E0Silica 100 250 5 4.6
$945.00 (Ea)