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Phenogel Guard GPC/SEC Columns
Phenogel Guard GPC/SEC Columns provided extended life for Phenogel GPC/SEC columns
Phenogel Guard GPC/SEC Columns
Protect and extend column lifetime with a guard column

Phenogel GPC/SEC guard columns provide added protection to Phenogel GPC/SEC columns by extending protecting against potential column contaminants or interferants.

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Particle Size (µm)

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Internal Diameter (mm)

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Part No.: 03A-2088-E0
Phenogel 5 µm Linear/Mixed, LC Guard Column 30 x 4.6 mm, Ea
Price:   $743.00 (Ea)

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Part Number unfold_morePhase Pore Size unfold_more Length unfold_more Particle Size unfold_more Internal Diameter unfold_morePrice unfold_more
03A-2088-E0Guard 0 30 5 4.6
$743.00 (Ea)
03B-2088-K0Guard 0 50 5 7.8
$719.00 (Ea)
03B-2090-K0Guard 0 50 10 7.8
$708.00 (Ea)
03B-2090-K0-DFGuard 0 50 10 7.8
$708.00 (Ea)