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Phenogel 10<sup>6</sup> &Aring; GPC/SEC Columns <br class="t-last-br" />
Phenogel 106 Å GPC/SEC Columns have a molecular weight range of 60 K - 10,000 K

Phenogel 106 Å GPC/SEC Columns

The Optimal Choice for Aqueous and Mixed Organic Solutions

  • Molecular Weight Range: 60 K - 10,000 K
  • Recommended for use with resins
  • Wide range of solvent compatibility: packed in tetrahydrofuran (THF); additional shipping solvents (i.e. DMF, Toluene, Chloroform, and others) available on request
  • Temperature stable to 140 ˚C
  • Customize your analysis by coupling different pore size columns