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Phenex Polyethersulfone
Phenex polyethersulfone membranes syringe filters can be used for broad filtration of biological samples
Phenex Polyethersulfone
Ideally Suited for Many Life Science Clarification Applications

Polyethersulfone (PES) membranes exhibit very fast-flow and ultra-low protein binding characteristics and are ideally suited for use in many life science clarification applications. Phenex-PES membranes typically offer better chemical resistance than cellulose acetate and are broadly recommended for filtering critical biological samples, tissue culture media, additives and buffers.

Recommended Use

Best Recommended for the Pharmaceutical / Biotech Industry

Pharmaceutical / Biotech
At every stage of the drug discovery process target compounds must be isolated, purified, and prepared prior to testing. Sample complexity in DMPK work can be even more challenging. Difficult samples such as serum, urine, and other physiological fluids are easily filtered and clarified using Phenex syringe filters.
Biological Samples Recommended Filter: PES
First Alternative: RC

Good First Alternative for the Clinical / Toxicology Industry

Clinical / Toxicology
Removal of particulate matter to sub-micron levels is critical before any clinical sample is injected into an LC, GC or mass spectrometer. At every stage in toxicology, samples should be filtered, preferably with a rapid and simple sample preparation method to reduce downtime in the fast paced environment. Phenex is designed for higher flow rates and throughputs than those of competing products.
Recommended Filter: RC
First Alternative: PES


Application / Sample* First Alternative
Ion Chromatography PES
Trace Metals (ICP-MS, AAS) PES
Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) PES
Tissue Cultures, Media, Buffers PES

* Removal of high particulate matter with a glass fiber prefilter is critical before any drug, tox, or dirty environmental sample is filtered to ensure the highest syringe filter membrane performance.