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Lux Amylose-2 Chiral LC Columns
Lux Amylose-2 is a chlorinated amylose phenyl carbamate phase chiral LC column phase

Lux Amylose-2 Chiral LC Columns

This first-to-market chlorinated amylose phenyl carbamate phase offers chiral recognition properties that greatly increase the chances  of achieving chiral resolution.

Achieve Greater Chiral Separation Success

Lux Amylose-2 columns are guaranteed to perform as well or better than the equivalent DAICEL® CHIRALPAK AY and AY-H Chiral Technologies column. Lux phases can also provide alternative selectivity to other chiral selectors for the most challenging chiral separations. Lux columns offer a wide and complementary range of enantioselectivity for even the most difficult chiral separation projects.

The helical structure of the amylose creates a complex steric environment that provides stronger interactions and better chiral recognition abilities. Additionally, the selector’s constituents produce hydrogen bonding, dipole, and π-π interactions that all affect the CSPs ability to separate your enantiomers effectively.

Lux Performance Advantage

Comparative separations may not be representative of all applications.
Conditions for all columns:

250 x 4.6 mm
Mobile Phase:
0.1 % Diethylamine in Hexane /
0.1 % Diethylamine in Ethanol (80:20)
Flow Rate:
1 mL/min
UV @ 220 nm

If you are using one of the DAICEL columns below: Guaranteed
Phase description:
CHIRALPAK® IA® Lux i-Amylose-1 Amylose tris(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate)
CHIRALPAK IG® and IG-3 Lux i-Amylose-3 Amylose tris(3-chloro-5-methylphenylcarbamate)
CHIRALPAK IC® and IC-3 Lux i-Cellulose-5 Cellulose tris(3,5-dichlorophenylcarbamate)
CHIRALPAK AD®, AD-H®, AD-3, AD-RH®, and AD-3R Lux Amylose-1 Amylose tris(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate)
CHIRALPAK AY®, AY-H®, AY-3, AY-RH, and AY-3R Lux Amylose-2 Amylose tris(5-chloro-2-methylphenylcarbamate)
CHIRALCEL® OD®, OD-H®, OD-3, OD-RH®, and OD-3R Lux Cellulose-1 Cellulose tris(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate)
CHIRALCEL OZ, OZ-H®, OZ-3, OZ-RH, and OZ-3R Lux Cellulose-2 Cellulose tris(3-chloro-4-methylphenylcarbamate)
CHIRALCEL OJ®, OJ-H®, OJ-3, OJ-RH®, and OJ-3R Lux Cellulose-3 Cellulose tris(4-methylbenzoate)
CHIRALCEL OX-H, OX-3, OX-RH, and OX-3R Lux Cellulose-4 Cellulose tris(3-chloro-4-methylphenylcarbamate)