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LiChrospher HPLC Columns
Lichrospher HPLC columns are manufactured by Merck and distributed by Phenomenex
LiChrospher HPLC Columns
Quality-Packed Columns by Phenomenex

LiChrospher (the 4μ material is also known as Superspher® in Europe) is a spherical alternative to the well-established LiChrosorb irregular material. It offers higher efficiencies than the LiChrosorb material along with the other benefits associated with spherical silicas.

LiChrospher LC Columns

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Part No.: 00E-3053-D0
LiChrospher 5 µm CN 100 Å, LC Column 125 x 4 mm, Ea
Price: $872.00 (Ea)

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00E-3053-D0CN 100 125 5 4 $872.00 (Ea)
00G-3053-D0CN 100 250 5 4 $910.00 (Ea)
00G-3053-E0CN 100 250 5 4.6 $894.00 (Ea)