Product Information
Jupiter HPLC Columns
Jupiter HPLC reversed phase HPLC columns can be used for protein purification and peptide characterization
Jupiter HPLC Columns
RP-HPLC for Protein/Peptide Analysis and Purification

The Jupiter HPLC column portfolio, including Jupiter 300 and Jupiter Proteo, offers optimized reversed phase solutions for protein and peptide characterization and purification. With these columns, one can identify, purify, and analyze almost any protein.

For new methods or method updates, upgrade to the Biozen WidePore C4 and Intact XB-C8 reversed products for the analysis and characterization of proteins.

Jupiter LC columns for protein and peptide separations

PhaseDescriptionRecommended Use Official Method Brand Particle Size
c18.Descriptionc18.RecommendedUse L1 Jupiter 3, 5, 10, 15
c4.Descriptionc4.RecommendedUse L26 Jupiter 5, 10, 15
c5.Descriptionc5.RecommendedUse Jupiter 5, 10
proteo.Descriptionproteo.RecommendedUse Jupiter 4, 10
PhaseDescriptionRecommended Use