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Gemini C8(3) Phase
Gemini C8 (3) offers optimized purification for human insulin and it's analogues
Gemini C8(3) Phase

Optimized Purification Media for Human Insulin and It's Analogues

  • Enhanced Robustness Against Caustic Regeneration Conditions
  • High Packing Efficiencies
  • Incredible Mechanical Strength

Typically insulin purification methodologies include vital steps for column efficiency tests, equilibration, loading, and multiple caustic washes. In particular, the high pH caustic washes are very important for the removal aggregate build up, however these wash steps typical diminish column lifetime quite substantially. With the improved chemical robustness and performance of Gemini C8(3) customers can now switch their focus to higher yields and purities and minimize operational down-time due to less frequent need to replace contaminated media.

QC Tested to ensure consistent selectivity for Insulin and Impurity

In conjunction with a media designed specifically for insulin purification, the Quality team at Phenomenex strives to ensure high reproducibility of Gemini 10µm C8(3) through numerous quality control steps throughout the manufacturing process, including a fit for purpose human insulin QC test. This elevated level of focus on quality ultimately results in a model product for large scale insulin purification.

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