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EZ:faast Amino Acid Analysis Kits
Ezfaast amino analysis kits allow for fast analysis of physiological and hydrolyzed amino acids

EZ:faast Amino Acid Analysis Kits

Amino Acid Analysis in 15 Minutes

EZ:faast kits provide reagents and supplies for sample preparation derivatization and GC-FID, GC-NPD, GC-MS, and LC-MS analysis of over 60 amino acids and di-peptides in complex matrices and protein hydrolysates.

Additionally the EZ:faast method offers:

  • A standard 8 minute procedure for sample preparation and derivatization
  • Elimination of labor intensive protein and urea removal procedures
  • Excellent method reproducibility (RSD <1%) and quantitation down to 1 nmol/mL
  • Established methods for amino acid analysis in serum, urine, beer, wine, feeds, fermentation broths, food stuffs, and protein hydrolysates.

Amino Acid Analysis
Ez:faast Amino Acid Analysis Kits


Amino Acid Analysis in 15 Minutes

  • Easy to use kit contains everything needed for sample clean up, derivatization, and analysis of 384 samples
  • Kits compatible with GC-FID, GC-MS, & LC-MS chromatographic systems
  • Simple & fast sample prep, derivatization, analysis for both physiological (free) amino acids and protein hydrolysates
  • Analyze amino acids from the most complex matrixes such as blood, plasma, foodstuffs, and fermentation broth
  • No plasma protein or urea removal required for physiological samples
  • Great sample purity and improved reproducibility
  • Method can be optimized for sulfur containing and aromatic amino acids, along with numerous other amino acid derivatives

8 Simple Steps in 15 Minutes!

The EZ:faast procedure’s greatest benefit is the rapid sample preparation and derivatization method. For complex matrices like plasma, urine, fermentation broths or feeds this procedure can provide results equal to traditional protein and urea removal methods in less time. Even for relatively clean samples like protein hydrolysates, this method shows improvement in quantitation due to cleaner samples and more stable amino acid derivatives. Shorter sample preparation times cut labor time and cost, making this a highly cost effective assay for amino acid analysis (less than $4 a sample). Below is a simplified diagram illustrating each of the major steps within the EZ:faast protocol.

Step 1 – 0 min
Pipette sample and combine internal standard (Yellow)

Step 2 – 1 min
Pipette sample through SPE sorbent tip

Advantage: No lengthy protein or urea removal

Step 3 – 2 min
Draw wash solution (blue) through SPE sorbent tip

Advantage: Outstanding sample purity for less contamination

Step 4 – 3 min
Expel amino acids (blue) with SPE sorbent from tip with Eluting Medium (clear)

Advantage: Almost no loss of amino acids

Step 5 – 4 min
Add organic derivatizing reagent (orange)

Advantage: Derivatization is complete in 1 min and can be done in aqueous phase

Step 6 – 6 min
Extract amino acid derivatives from aqueous layer (light green) into organic layer (orange)

Advantage: Additional purification step

Step 7 – 7 min
Sample preparation complete inject onto GC-FID, GC-NPD, or GC-MS system

Advantage: Very stable derivatization sample reduces losses due to degradation

Step 8 – 15 min
Analyze the chromatogram

Advantage: Full resolution of over 50 amino acids and related compounds in a 7 minute GC run

Based on Sample Type 

Free (Physiological) Amino Acids
The EZ:faast kits for free amino acids provide rapid clean up, derivatization, and analysis of amino acids from complex mixtures, while yielding a full amino acid profile in 15 minutes. The sample preparation cleans up amino acids from complex matrixes like blood, urine, cheese, cell cultures, and wine. Samples are pre-column derivatized to form stable amino acid derivatives.

Protein Hydrolysates

Within 15 minutes, hydrolyzed protein or peptide samples are prepared and derivatized for rapid sequencing. Sample preparation ensures non-hydrolyzed protein removal for more accurate analysis. Derivatized samples will not degrade rapidly.

Based on Chromatographic Instrument 

Gas Chromatography (GC)
The GC kit options are compatible with a NPD, FID, or MS detectors. The analysis time on the GC column is a quick 8 minutes and provides excellent resolution of all amino acids in the profile. The derivatization procedure used makes the amino acids less polar and therefore more volatile so they can be analyzed via GC.

Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
LC-MS kit options are available for labs without GC systems or to analyze Arginine or Citrulline. The sample preparation and derivatization is still just 7 minutes, but the analysis is slightly longer at 12 minutes.