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Phase Detail
Bondclone Silica
Alternative to µBondapak Silica
Bondclone Silica

Normal phase column that is designed to mimic the performance of µBondapak Silica

Particle Size
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Pore Size (Å)

donehighlight_off 148

Length (mm) (mm)

donehighlight_off 300

Particle Size (µm)

donehighlight_off 10

Internal Diameter (mm)

donehighlight_off 3.9

Part No.: 00H-2119-C0
Bondclone 10 µm Sil 148 Å, LC Column 300 x 3.9 mm, Ea
Price: $706.00 (Ea)
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00H-2119-C0Silica 148 300 10 3.9 $706.00 (Ea)