Product Information
BioSep GFC/SEC HPLC Columns
BioSep gel filtration (GFC/SEC) columns provide efficient separation for biomolecules such as proteins, peptides, immunoglobulins
BioSep GFC/SEC HPLC Columns
Aqueous Size Exclusion (SEC) / Gel Filtration (GFC) for Protein and Peptides

Proteins & Peptides Simplified

BioSep Gel Filtration (GFC/SEC) columns are used to analyze and/or characterize proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules, including antibodies, immunoglobulins, protein complexes, protein aggregates, and desalting. BioSep columns offer many important benefits to keep your research, method development/validation, and ongoing size exclusion separations simple.

  • High Efficiencies for Greater Resolution
  • Expanded Resolution Windows
  • Excellent Reproducibility
  • Highly Inert for Better Recovery and Quantitation

For new UHPLC/HPLC GFC method development, turn to Biozen SEC columns.

BioSep SEC Columns

PhaseDescriptionRecommended Use Official Method Brand Particle Size
sec-s3000.Descriptionsec-s3000.RecommendedUse L33 BioSep-SEC-S 5
sec-s4000.Descriptionsec-s4000.RecommendedUse BioSep-SEC-S 5
sec-s2000.Descriptionsec-s2000.RecommendedUse L33, L35 BioSep-SEC-S 5
BioSep GFC/SEC Columns Applications
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Rapid Sample Extraction of Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine, and Desethylchloroquine from Serum for LC-MS/MS Analysis
GC-MS Analysis of PAH, PCB and Terphenyl using a 30 meter Zebron ZB-PAH-EU GC column
GenX replacement PFOA compound by LC-MS/MS