To support our customers, associates, and community with sincere and unforgettable service to enable a healthier and better tomorrow.

Our Promise to You

Our mission pushes us to always do better by and for our customers. We strive to build sincere and meaningful relationships by working shoulder-to-shoulder with the scientific community. By curating an inspired, diverse, and dedicated team, Phenomenex seeks to provide the most impactful and unforgettable customer experience.

At Phenomenex we aim to build an environment where our team members feel empowered to drive initiatives they are passionate about. With a culture built on trust and integrity, Phenomenex thrives as a lively and spirited workplace, where the walls aren’t stark white, but vibrant yellows, greens, and purples.

Our Science

Why Our Science Matters

Chromatography, the science of separation, is something not many have heard of, yet has affected the lives of almost everyone. It is used by companies testing your food, your water, the shampoo you use, and even the cold medication you take to ensure your safety. We strive to provide the best tools possible to help researchers improve global health and well-being. Check out the video to learn more about Phenomenex’s chromatography solutions.

Our People

People Say We’re Different. We Love That.

Our drive is to always be better than the best, but we won’t be satisfied unless we can do it our way. We work hard and thrive on competition and accomplishment, but we always make time for silliness and fun. We could tell you about the adventure trips, themed costume days, or the practical jokes we play on the CEO, but we’d rather you experience it for yourself.

Our Humanity

Giving Back. It’s Part of Who We Are.

Giving back is part of who we are. Philanthropy has always been a large part of Phenomenex’s culture. We take pride in our associates taking the time to volunteer in the community and helping those in-need. Take a look at our past events and charities that we had the honor of holding and participating in.