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Clinical Research
Clinical Research
From Sample Preparation to Analysis, We Have You Covered

Our team of experts understands the challenges associated with Clinical Research; starting at the sample itself all the way through separation and analysis.  Let us help you boost your throughput and improve your workflows with our portfolio of Sample Preparation and LC products that are sure to fit your needs.

  • Tackle challenging matrices with our portfolio of sample preparation products
  • Achieve the sensitivity you need with our core-shell LC products
  • Reliably run your methods, day after day, with reproducible LC and Sample Preparation medias

Technical Notes

Chloroquine and Its Metabolite Desethylchloroquine by LC-MS/MS
Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine, and Its Metabolite Desethyl Hydroxychloroquine from Plasma by LC-MS/MS
Separation of 38 Amino Acids by LC-MS/MS
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How do you pretreat a whole blood sample for SPE?

A simple pretreatment is to add 10% TCA (trichloroacetic acid) aqueous solution in the…

I have seen you have a number of different applications for Vitamin D, which ones should I consider?

When attempting to analyze Vitamin D, it is important to consider the source of the sample.  That is, if samples…

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Featured Products

Strata-X PRO Polymeric SPE Sorbent with
Matrix Removal Technology

Learn how to reduce protocol
time by at least 40%!

Novum PRO SLE Newly optimized to reduce
matrix interferences for better sensitivity.

Reduce matrix interferences
in low level hormone analysis

Thermally modified pore structures result in greater separation power, better peak shape, and extreme ruggedness and dependability.

Learn more and find
the best phase for your work.