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Chemicals and Energy
Chemicals and Energy
Specialty Chemicals and Fuels Solutions

Phenomenex offers a broad range of flexible GC, LC, and Sample Preparation products that help you deliver fast, sensitive, and accurate results for raw materials, formulations, simulated distillation, and more.

  • Meet the rigorous requirements of ASTM, EN, and specialized methods
  • Specialized GC products for fuels analyses
  • Reversed Phase, Size Exclusion (SEC), Gel Permeation (GPC), and Gel Filtration (GFC) products to meet your needs

Technical Notes

Chemical Industry LC & GC Separation Solutions Guide
An Improved Test Method for Measuring Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Electronic Components using Zebron ZB-PAH by GC-MS
Fast Analysis of Alcohol-Based Sanitizers by GC-FID using Zebron ZB-WAXPLUS GC Columns
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Enhance resolution and aqueous stability for better fine chemical testing.

Zebron ZB-WAXPLUS GC columns


Improve the efficiency of your Simulated Distillation analysis by up to 70%!

Zebron ZB-1XT SimDist GC columns


Ion Exclusion columns for easy
fermentation monitoring.

Rezex Ion Exclusion Columns