Our Humanity

Employee Driven, Company Supported

At Phenomenex, associates are empowered to drive actions they are passionate about. We believe that each associate has the ability to make a difference. Whether it is organizing philanthropic events and actions or working to build a more inclusive work environment, Phenomenex is here to support it. The way we approach philanthropy and inclusive events is different than most. We don’t just write a check or do it because it might sound good, we do it because we love it. Our commitment to our community and humanity goes beyond just what our products can help do, we strive to create an environment where employees feel compelled to works towards a healthier and better tomorrow.

Phenomenex Employees working at the Food Bank
Phenomenex Employees building

Global Spirit

Not only does Phenomenex have dozens of offices all over the world serving customer directly, but our headquarters in Torrance is home to over 20 different languages spoken and wide variety of cultures and religions represented as well. Phenomenex has always gone beyond the simple token of not only creating a diverse work place but has also celebrated the uniqueness and cultures of our associates. From Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month to International Women’s Month, to holding talent shows and cook offs for employees to show off their heritage, Phenomenex is constantly working towards making sure each and every associate feels like they belong and can thrive.