Smaller Diameter Monolithic HPLC Column Enhances Sensitivity

New 2.0 mm ID Onyx™ Columns Improve Separation of Biological Samples
Torrance, CA (April 3, 2008) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of separation science consumables, announces the addition of a new 50 x 2.0 mm ID column to its Onyx monolith line. The 30% smaller diameter column requires less sample volume and reduces solvent consumption. The Onyx columns, which contain solid rods of fused silica, produce results at high flow rates with low backpressure, reducing run times over conventional columns. The permeable media separates viscous biological samples that clog traditional columns, making Onyx ideal for drug metabolism studies in pharmaceutical companies and contract labs.

For fast gradient conditions, flow rates on the Onyx 2.0 mm ID can be increased during re-equilibration without backpressure constraints, significantly reducing overall sample cycle times. The increased speed makes the columns ideal for high-throughput applications. Onyx columns are also available in 3, 4.6 and 10 mm diameters.

“As research companies move toward optimizing their chromatographic processes, Onyx provides a strong platform for faster sample throughput,” explained Jason Lam, brand manager for Phenomenex. “With these new 2mm diameter columns, chromatographers can work with low sample concentrations while maintaining high sensitivity and speed – a benefit for fast LC-MS gradient methods.”

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