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Phenomenex Announces High-Throughput Solution for Synthetic DNA RNA Purification

Torrance, CA (February 07, 2008) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of separation science consumables, introduces the Clarity QSP™ system, the flagship product in a new portfolio of solutions for synthetic RNA and DNA purification. The unique Clarity QSP approach reinvents trityl-on purification, delivering nearly impurity free, concentrated, full-length oligonucleotide sequences. Clarity QSP is offered in three cartridge formats and in 96-well plates. The cartridge formats are ideal for applications that require increased loading capacities, purifying crude oligo samples in less than eight minutes using vacuum or positive pressure systems. The 96-well plate format can be easily automated for high-throughput parallel purification and eliminates the tube-in-plate combination of other approaches.

Clarity QSP overcomes the pitfalls of first-generation trityl-on purification. The system’s unique buffer works synergistically with ammonia-based deprotecting solutions to selectively retain the full-length trityl-on DNA or RNA sequence. The method eliminates subsequent wash steps and does not require toxic ion pairing reagents.

“Trityl-on purification of synthetic oligos is more compatible with high-throughput processes than trityl-off, but high depurination levels have been a roadblock to its acceptance,” explained Cathy Cordova, brand manager for Phenomenex. “Our unique process greatly minimizes depurination, which causes DNA damage, making it feasible to use trityl-on methods in high-volume synthetic oligo manufacturing applications.”

Clarity QSP delivers DNA at 90 to 95% purity levels, with reliable recovery rates of more than 80%. RNA purification with Clarity QSP boasts 89 to 93% purity levels with reproducible recovery values of more than 75%.

The new Clarity QSP cartridges and plates are part of Phenomenex’s Clarity BioSolutions portfolio of products for synthetic oligonucleotide purification. From low purity/low loading to high purity/high loading tools, Phenomenex offers a range of solutions along with hands-on technical and applications support.

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