New Clarity Oligo-RP HPLC Columns for Synthetic Oligonucleotides Deliver High Recovery and Purity

Torrance, CA (February 7, 2008) – Phenomenex Inc., a leading worldwide manufacturer of separation science consumables, introduces Clarity Oligo-RP Columns for the reversed phase purification of oligonucleotides with balanced hydrophobicity and polar selectivity. Ideal for trityl-off purification of DNA, RNA and modified or labeled oligos, the new columns easily separate full-length oligos from N-1 and other failed sequences. The specially designed Oligo-RP media, based on Phenomenex’s proprietary TWIN™ (two in one) composite particle technology, recognizes minute differences in interaction features of two oligos, providing better resolution than other methods. Oligo-RP columns perform at 90% or higher purity levels with typical recovery rates of 70%. The Oligo-RP phase allows high loadability and delivers high recovery and purity while eliminating the need for an extra desalting step.

“The demand for high-purity oligonucleotides is growing rapidly,” commented Cathy Cordova, brand manager for Phenomenex. “This efficient, high-capacity HPLC solution resolves failed N-1 sequences better than other offerings, producing a higher level of purity.”

The new Oligo-RP columns are part of Phenomenex’s Clarity BioSolutions portfolio of products for synthetic oligonucleotide purification. From low purity/low loading to high purity/high loading tools, Phenomenex offers a range of solutions along with hands-on technical and applications support.

Clarity Oligo-RP columns have loading capacities from 50 nmole to 50 µmole and are offered in sizes for analytical, semi-preparative and preparative applications.

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